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Yandex.Disk 3.2.0 Build 4105 is the name of the Windows client related to Yandex cloud space, which is offered to users under the name of Yandex.disk and allows you to easily store your files and folders in the cloud space. If you want to share them with your friends. Yandex.disk is actually a way that you can connect with your cloud account in Yandex and take full advantage of this popular, free and secure service.


The user interface of this software is designed to be as simple and beautiful as possible and people can easily communicate with its features. With just one click, you can access your free 10 GB cloud space and access your cloud content through Windows Explorer. These days, the use of cloud spaces is not hidden from anyone online. Despite a large number of services and their free features, users are looking for a space that has high security that can store an acceptable amount of information in the cloud so that it can be accessed at any time via the Internet. Yandex cloud system was first introduced in 2012, and users can use it to store their information on the cloud and share it with their friends if they wish. All uploaded files are encrypted and protected by strong antivirus servers. Yandex.disk software allows you to manage your cloud account in Windows and easily upload and download files through it. Now you can download Yandex.Disk software with a direct link and for free from Alvinreports.


Features of Yandex.Disk software:

– Ability to store all kinds of information such as photos, movies, music and… in the cloud

– Free storage of information up to 10 GB for an indefinite period

– Ability to easily share information with friends and colleagues

– Very high security in data storage

– Ability to access information through Yandex.disk, mobile application and webspace

– Having full integration with Windows


Pictures of the software environment:


Edit documents - Yandex.Disk. Help


Yandex.Disk - Baixar para PC Grátis



Password: www.yasdl.com

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