Uncharted Walker (Mi Yu Xing Zhe) Animated Series

Download Uncharted Walker all episodes with English subtitles for free from here. You can download and watch both seasons of Uncharted Walker Chinese anime in the best video and audio quality from here. All the downloading links given below are working fine.

Uncharted Walker is also known as Mi Yu Xing Zhe in Chinese and it has one season which is available to download here for free. It has a total of 12 episodes which are available with English subtitles to watch.

Uncharted Walker Plot :

After narrowly escaping a deathtrap, a dazed Ning Yuan finds himself confined by a menacing gangster, He Zhiyang, alongside a hysterical doctor, Su Jin. However, this proves to be the least of his concerns as he comes to terms with the group’s newfound desperate situation: they are trapped on an isolated island that harbors malignant viruses, horrid mutations, and hostile tribes.

Meanwhile, another group of individuals in the same vicinity happens to face the same predicament. Forced to put aside their differences and come together to fight their way to freedom, the two groups of stranded victims must resist their personal motivations which threaten to get the better of them.

Uncharted Walker English Sub Download Links :

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