Tales of Exorcism (Xiang Ling Ji) Anime Series

Download Tales of Exorcism (Xiang Ling Ji) all episodes for free in the best video and audio quality. You can download the tales of exorcism Chinese anime in multiple video qualities from here. It is 2018 anime that falls under the action, and fantasy category which makes this anime more awesome. You can download tales of exorcism in 1080P, 720P, and 360p from here.

The Tales of Exorcism is also known as Xiang Ling Ji in Chinese. It was released on Mar 22, 2017, and it ran until Aug 16, 2017. It has a total of 15 episodes.

Tales of Exorcism Plot :

The 19-year-old tomboy exorcist Hua Jiu got to know ‘evil spirit’ Seven Lord and forced him to be her spirit servant when cleansing spirits. Later the human being and the spirit set forth on a journey of ranting each other and cleansing spirits. However, Hua Jiu’s enemy started insidious revenge at the same time.

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