Link Click (Shiguang Daili Ren) With English Subtitles

Download Link Click English Dub and Sub for free from here. You can download the link and click on 1080p,720p, and 480p for free from here. You can download the link click (Shuguang daily ren) in the best video and audio qualities from the downloading links given below. Link Click is ONA which is available in English dub and sub for download for free. All the downloading given here is working and downloading speed is also superfast so that you can download the link click within two to five minutes.

Link Click was released on Apr 30, 2021, and it ran until Jul 9, 2021. It has a total of 11 episodes all of which are available in HD video quality to download.

Link Click Plot :

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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, it holds an infinite amount of secrets. These are secrets that only Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang are able to find. In a small shop called “Time Photo Studio,” the two friends provide a special service: using the extraordinary powers that let them enter photographs, they jump into pictures brought to them by clients in order to grant their wishes. Through the eyes of the photographer, they live through the events surrounding the picture and try to decipher how to solve their client’s request.

But every time they jump into a picture, they take a great risk. One wrong move and they could alter the future of the person who took the picture… and possibly countless other events too. So when the events they are forced to live through in these pictures start to become personal, it will take the utmost strength to push their feelings aside and focus on accomplishing the task they were paid to do.

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