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Download Gintama season 1 in both English dub and sub for free. All episodes are available in high-quality video and audio. All downloading links are from the highest servers possible. You can download all episodes in multiple qualities also. You can choose qualities from 360P, 480P, 720P, and 1080P. If your downloading speed is slow, you can download it in low quality.

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If you’re low on internet data or you don’t have a good internet speed, you can download Gintama Season 1 one by one in English dub or sub. We are giving you two options to download.

About Gintama Anime

Gintama anime is based on its manga. Hideaki Sorachi is a writer and illustrator. The manga was released on 8th December 2003 and it ran till 15th September 2018. This manga series came in Weekly Shounen Jump magazine. After the last chapter of the manga, the author moves to another magazine of Shounen. Now it starts coming in Jump Giga magazine instead of Weekly Shounen Jump. The manga series ended on 22nd February. Soon after that, there were a few volumes released in the Gin Tama app. The manga has a total of 77 volumes counting all magazine volumes.


After three years of manga release, Gintama anime came to the TV Tokyo television channel on 4th April 2006. The first season of the anime got 265 episodes in total. After that numerous seasons came in time. Gintama has a total of 6 seasons, 4 movies, 1 OVA, and 5 specials.

Gintama Plot

The series takes place in the late Edo period in Japan. It’s an alternate reality with different incidents. In this reality, Humans are attacked by Aliens called “Amanto”. The samurai fights back the aliens. On the other side, Shogun decides to surrender himself after seeing the power of the aliens. He also signs an unequal contract with the aliens. According to the contract, one can’t carry swords in public. Thus the Samurai’s swords are confiscated and Tokugawa bakufu (shogunate) becomes a puppet government.



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