Fighter of the Destiny (Ze Tian Ji) Season 1-5

Download Ze Tian Ji (Fighter Of The Destiny) season 1, season 2, season 3, season 4, and season 5 with English subtitles for free from here. You can download it in 1080p,720p,480p, and 360p from here. All the Ze Tian Ji Chinese anime download links are working fine and Fighter Of The Destiny has a superfast downloading speed.

Ze Tian Ji is also known as Fighter Of The Destiny and Way of Choices in English. All five seasons of Ze Tian Ji are available in the best video and audio quality for download. And make sure you must watch this Chinese anime sequence-wise.

At the beginning of time, a mystical meteor came crashing down from outer space and scattered all over the world. A piece of it landed on the Eastern Continent.

There were mysterious totems carved upon the meteor, and people gathered around it wanting to discover its usage. They discovered the Way and established The Tradition.

Several thousand years later, the fourteen years old orphan Chen Chang Shang left his master to cure his illness and change his fate. He brought a piece of the marriage vow with him to the capital, thus beginning the journey of a rising hero.

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