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The story starts with Yagami Light, a 17 years old genius boy somewhere in Japan. Due to some reasons, he is tired of his current life. One day, the way of returning home Yagami finds a dark notebook on the road. The notebook is completely black and have a name on it. The name is “Death Note”. The notebook has some content written on it. It says, ” if someone write a person’s name on this notebook, the person will die”. Light considers this as a joke and continues his daily activities.

Soon after some time Light finds out that this is actually a death notebook. The person will die whoever name will be written on the notebook. After learning the truth, Light tries to take the justice in his hand and kills anyone who is guilty. In the story, it clearly mentions that Light is trying to become a God. After that we find another character named ‘L’. He is completely against Light’s beliefs and starts working against Light. So the story is all about the encounter between Light and L.

Death Note English dub and sub-downloading links :

There are two ways to download Death Note anime. You can download Death Note either one by one or all episodes in one click. Check the options below.

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